Thursday, February 25, 2010

Featured on Wedding Chicks!

I was featured on Wedding Chicks this week! Wedding Chicks is one of the few the go-to sources for impeccable wedding inspiration. I'm very excited to be a part of it. This feature was about pairing a birdcage veil with a vintage 1950's tea-length dress. So adorable!

Emily's face is all over the wedding scene, you know. That photograph has always been one of my favorites from the moment I saw it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Etsy Sunday: Have It Sweet Confections -The Perfect Favor

Cinnamon Sugar Marshmallows

I have always wondered what a homemade marshmallow tastes like. What the difference is between those nasty, sticky blobs that come in bags at the store, and these gigantic lovely cubes. So when I saw Have It Sweet Confections on the Etsy front page, and their marshmallow sampler, I ordered it to see for myself. I must proclaim, I am completely smitten.

Marshmallow Sampler

The sampler came with Heavenly Vanilla, Double Cocoa Swirl, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Sugar Cookie marshmallows. The texture is more dense than store-bought marshmallows. They are sweet, as they should be, but have more flavor than the others. And the shape is so darn cute.

Just A Little Taste Carmel Sampler

The thing that struck me first was how prettily they were wrapped and packed. They came in the prettiest gold wax paper bags, with 4 marshmallow to a bag. I though how lovely and thoughtful they would be as favors for guests at a wedding. Maybe tied with a custom colored ribbon to match.

My Favorite - Lemon Miringue Pie Swirl

Possibly the perfect favor? I think so.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chasity's Veil Emergency

Chasity contacted me last week with quite a dilemma. Her wedding is February 20th, and the dress shop where she had ordered her birdcage veil (and paid a fortune for) closed down without giving her the veil or her money back. Can you imagine? For just one moment, try to comprehend this girl's situation ....

Okay. She contacted me and I was up for the challenge of helping her in a time crunch. She sent me a picture of her dress - an absolutely gorgeous strapless dress. The skirt blows me away. The detailing is phenomenal...

She was in love with the short veil from the last post, and wanted a bit of volume on top for a very classic bride look. I used the short veil as inspiration, and designed a two-tiered veil that is about shoulder-blade length - somewhere between shoulder and elbow length. The length is perfect for her dress because it will overlap the back by a few inches creating a lovely proportion. The volume on the top is very classic, and combined with the length it has an adorable 1950's feel. It is just wide enough to create the perfect amount of poof. It is light and airy, classic vintage, and definitely not 1980's era poof pompadour. I am so pleased.

Here are a few photos Chasity took herself. Lovely as they are, I can't wait to see a few photographs from her wedding next week. I'm so excited to add this veil to my spring line.

Congratulations, Chasity! It was lovely to work with you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tracey's Budoir Shoot

I've had the great fortune to work with Tracey Taylor and Blackburn Studios. These people have made my little project into something incredible. Without their collaborative efforts I wouldn't have these gorgeous images.

Tracey is getting married (yes, I'm doing her veil). She wanted to do a budoir shoot before the wedding. Its a fabulous way to get dressed up and feel special and pretty. I was thrilled to design a few special pieces for the occasion. I am so happy with the photographs! I can't wait to list a few of these items in the etsy shop. Holy cow, this girl is talented!

A humongous thanks to Blackburn Studios.