Monday, July 26, 2010

Feature: K Huelett Photography

My adorable friend Katie (we were dancers together in high school) and her handsome-as-anything husband Kevin have an amazing wedding photography business. They travel the world to photograph the most amazing destination weddings (hello, Paris?). I see a lot *a LOT* of wedding photography, and they rank among the best. They have this innate ability to capture the personality of the couple, and all the small details that they have put into their wedding day.

I thought this wedding was particularly special. The couple strikes me as happy and down to earth, even on their wedding day. I think its the groom's custom Tom's.

Check out Katie and Kevin here.


  1. simply amazing and wonderful!

    love every single detail!


  2. your friends do amazing work, and man, what a job! this couple does seem very vibrant and fun.

    also, thanks so much for taking the time to comment today. you have no idea how uplifting your words were for me and my down spirits. :)