Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Featured in ReadyMade Magazine

I made a few ring books several months ago. I thought they were smart, quaint, and quite pretty. I listed them, and they both sold within days to wonderfully unique brides who appreciate detail (and literature).

I received an email today that this ring book was featured in the ReadyMade blog. Lindsey's wedding was featured as a simple wedding that is centered around family and each other. Lindsey says, "I knew right off the bat there would be no tuxedos involved. I really wanted the feeling to be sophisticated, yet casual. Both Todd and I are pretty laid back, and I think we wanted the wedding to reflect that." If you don't know ReadyMade, you live in a box. It is a hip design magazine centered around DIY and urban living. Its a big deal. Seriously.

In the article, they chose to show my book as "the perfect etsy find"! Quite flattering, I must say.

The books will be back in shop. I promise. Thanks to Emily for finding this particular beauty at Weller's Books in Salt Lake City.

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