Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rebecca's Veil

Rebecca contacted me and asked me to help her choose a veil for her big day. She is getting married on August 30 (coming up quick!), and is debating whether or not to wear a veil. Despite all the really beautiful veils out there, there is a strong trend toward not wearing one. Discarding the veil is chic and modern, and throws to the wind the traditional symbolism of the bashful bride, veiled and subdued. However, Rebecca is having a traditional Jewish ceremony, and the veil is an integral part of it.

Rebecca's dress is incredible. She chose the Silk Tricotine Goddess Gown from JCrew. Ever since I was a teenager I have loved the JCrew bridal line. They offer unbelievably timeless dresses that are soft, simple, and gracious (and ridiculously affordable!), but sadly JCrew is so often overlooked for the satin princess gown at the bridal boutique. I am so happy with Rebecca's choice!

She has chosen this gorgeous side chignon for her hair, and I love it.

While I think she could totally pull off a birdcage veil...

...there is the predicament of needing to veil the face during the ceremony. To compliment the dress, I would recommend an elbow length, drop style veil , like below.

To veil the face, the veil needs to have 2 tiers. If you are wearing a gathered veil, the result is a little poofier than Rebecca would probably prefer. The drop veil perfectly addresses this problem because it has no or few gathers around the comb. I would recommend an elbow length because it is simple and clean, and allows her dress to be the focal point of the ensemble. For a girl who isn't into the big veil look, this is perfect.

I am loving this style of veil right now. I think it is so simple and elegant, and perfect for a simple, clean dress like Rebecca's. The drop veil is a large circle of tulle with a comb in the center. It doesn't have any gathers so it completely avoids the poof. It drapes over the face so elegantly. I think it will be perfect for Rebecca's ceremony.

Rebecca is interested in wearing a flower, and I love this image of the flower under the veil. This bride also has a side-chignon, and I think it is lovlely.

Because Rebecca is not so sure about the veiled look, I would recommend that she take the veil off after the ceremony and spend the rest of her wedding day without it. She can keep the flower in her hair and still look absolutely stunning.

This is New York Magazine writer Joanna Goddard (she's also wearing a JCrew dress for her wedding), and she has chosen a similar hairstyle. I love the braid, I think it is so pretty and soft.

I think Rebecca will have a lovely evening at her reception without a veil in her way.

Thanks Rebecca! It was lovely to work with you!

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  1. Wow. Ann-Michelle, I can't thank you enough for such a detailed, thought out response to my long, rambling question ;)

    The veil is beautiful. Thanks again!