Monday, December 14, 2009

I Dream of India


I seriously need a minute to take in the array of color found at my friend C's wedding. She and her fiance "V" chose to hold a traditional ceremony at V's family home in Vishakhapatnam, India.

"It was pretty wild. I didn't really get much say in anything. I had about 10 of [my husband's] female relatives just putting stuff on me and telling me what to do. They were all very sweet. It was quite an experience. The earrings were so heavy they made my ears bleed... Our pic even got put in the newspaper here. xo"

I think it's absolutely stunning.

"Making of the Bride" ceremony. Beautiful C in her first of her 4 sarees of the weekend. After this ceremony, she wasn't supposed to see V or be seen outside of the home. Same went for V but his "Making of the Groom" ceremony was held at his parent's home.

Day of the wedding, C's mehndi (decorative henna for the wedding) took three meticulous hours of work.

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