Saturday, May 16, 2009

Emily's Veil

Emily in Salt Lake City asked me to do her veil for her. She chose a natural white tulle with a satin cord edge. It is 38" long, the perfect fingertip length, and has 2 tiers. It is a simple and beautiful veil that will compliment almost any dress style. 

I found a 5" metal comb for this veil. Normally, I would have chosen a 3" comb, but I really loved this metal one. It is classy and makes for a really modern look. 

The veil was cut to be 54" wide. When gathered, it provides a modest amount of poof, and completely avoids the "pouf pompadour" look of the 1980's. It is so modern and clean. I was so happy with it. 

The satin cord is my favorite edge. It is simple and clean, and provides a just the right amount of body for the veil so that it stays lively and beautiful throughout the wedding day.  The satin cord compliments any satin dress, and comes in 1mm and 2mm widths. I used 1mm for Emily's veil. 

Thanks Emily! I really loved working with you. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. I would love to post one here!

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